What is Fertigation 

Fertigation is the injection of fertilizers, soil amendments and Other water- soluble Products into an irrigation system. The Fertigation machine developed by Hindustan Success Agro is a Fully automated nutrient delivery system, which purifies Source Water And adds Client – Specified Recipes of nutrients to maximize yields and optimize cost fertigation is the injection of fertilizers, soil amendments and other water-soluble products into an irrigation system. The fertigation machine developed by Global fertigation Solutions is a fully automated nutrient delivery system, which purifies source water and adds client-specified recipes of nutrients to maximize yields and optimize cost efficiency  during the growth cycle of each Crop. Additionally, the machine offers Reportable date and has flexible application for Crop, grow median, and disbursement type.

Who is Global Fertigation Solutions..? 

Pioneering the fertigation space and servicing multiple licensed grows in the western United States. Global Fertigation Solutions draws on over 40 years of water experience to offer a suite of solutions including : fertigation, water treatment and custom delivery designs. We’re here to support you through all stages of the process, from planning functional infrastructure to refining a recipe post- harvest.

Is a fertigaton System Right For Your Project…?

When Considering the high value of your crop, Many events Can occur that ether deliver or hinder your success.

Is Your Project Scalable ?

Scalability is a Universal task that many Companies are Challenged With across every industry. In agriculture, hurdles of financial, operational and structural growth accompany scalability. Solutions to these hurdles come at a cost and typically spread resources thin quickly. With simple software and hardware updates, our Fertigation machine can be customized to scale up to your need for additional zones in newly opened canopy areas.

What are some of the Features Incorporated in the Fertigation Solution ?

  • Automated valves ensuring proper handling of all nutrients and fluids.
  • Redundant instruments for testing liquid pH and EC values during all stages of mixing and dispensing.
  • pH and EC range limits to ensure delivery of desired mix ratios. Backup procedures and alarming for instances where the batch falls outsice of desired limits.
  • Accurate  nutrient pumps that deliver measured results to custom batches.
  • Ability to activate specialized modules including recirculating reservoirs in closed loop system.
  • Safety redundancies built in to prevent over pressured or unprimed pump operation.
  • Exportable Reports that show results during all stages of the batching process.
  • Alarms to alert warning levels as well as critical actions required.
  • Integrations with externals systems.
  • Up to 1 Year of upgrades in future firmware releases included.
  • Compact skid designed to fit between commercial door frames.
  • 4 touch-screen and industrial grade computer  to allow remote connections.
  • Compact skid designed to fit between  commercial door frames.