Clary Fairchild

Clary Fairchild

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Biographical information

  • Clary Fray
  • Clarissa Adele Fray
  • Clarissa Morgenstern
  • Clary Morgenstern
  • Clarissa Fairchild
  • Litttle lady (previously by Jace, Malachi and Catarina)
  • Biscuit (by Magnus Bane)


  • Institute in Manhattan, Ny
  • Apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York (previous)
  • East Village, Manhattan, New York (previous)

Understood relatives

  • Valentine Morgenstern †
  • Luke Garroway (stepfather)


  • Oskar Morgenstern † (paternal grandfather)
  • Seraphina Morgenstern † (paternal grandmother)
  • Granville Fairchild II † (maternal grandfather)
  • Adele Fairchild † (maternal grandmother)


  • Jace Herondale (fiance)
  • Simon Lewis (ex-boyfriend)

Real description

Clarissa “Clary” Adele Fairchild, also referred to as Clary Fray, could be the Shadowhunter child of Jocelyn Fray in addition to Valentine that is notorious Morgenstern. For decades, Clary lived a mundane life with Jocelyn, before the return of her dad along with her sibling, Jonathan, exposed her to a fresh world, tossing their life away from stability as Clary discovered by herself on a journey together with her fellow Shadowhunters to end them.

As a consequence of her dad’s experiments, Clary possesses more blood that is angel other Shadowhunters and, through this, the capacity to remember effective, ancient runes maybe perhaps not printed in the Gray Book.


Clarissa Adele Morgenstern was created to Valentine and Jocelyn Morgenstern on 23, 1 1991, roughly a year after her older brother, Jonathan august. Jocelyn provided bbpeoplemeet search her the m4

Jocelyn had turned against Valentine’s ideals months before her conception. Throughout the right time after Jonathan’s delivery, Jocelyn suffered despair as a result of her strange emotions of rejection towards him. Hoping to assist Jocelyn, Valentine secretly gave her doses of this angel Ithuriel’s blood, hoping to “cure” her depression, unaware that she had been expecting with Clary, therefore making her an “accidental” experiment.

Fundamentally, Jocelyn and her friend that is best Lucian Graymark started to plot to thwart Valentine’s planned Uprising. Jocelyn, upon discovering that she ended up being expecting with Clary, had desired to leave Valentine but feared which he would come after them and knew he needed to perish to make sure their security. As soon as the Uprising arrived and Jocelyn surely could take the Cup from Valentine, they went, but without Clary’s older cousin as Valentine had managed to make it seem like the young son or daughter passed away in a fire with him. Jocelyn was not conf 5 6

Jocelyn hoped that Clary could have a blind internal eye, meaning she’d have to be trained like some Shadowhunters to see the Shadow World. When she ended up being around 2 yrs old, nonetheless, Jocelyn found her having fun with a faerie within the park, and she quickly took her towards the warlock, Magnus Bane. 5 There, she first additionally came across Tessa Gray. 7 Jocelyn asked Magnus to eliminate her Inner Eye, but this might have put her at an increased risk, as she saw it, but the spell was complicated and needed to be recast every two years so they compromised with a spell that placed a block on her mind that would make her forget what she saw of the Shadow World even. 5

Jocelyn had been additionally convinced by Magnus into permitting Clary undergo the ritual done on Shadowhunter kiddies to safeguard them from demonic forces or impact. Tessa endured set for the Iron Sister, and also for the needed Silent sibling, they certainly were in a position to turn to Brother Zachariah. Clary and Jocelyn then took the surname “Fray”—a portmanteau of Fairchild and Gray, selected as appreciation for Tessa, to honor her relationship along with her ancestors. 7

Them in New York, and Jocelyn allowed him to be a staple part of their lives when she was around five years old, 5 6 Jocelyn’s best friend Luke eventually found. Clary was raised with Luke as a dad figure to her, led to think that her genuine dad ended up being a dead soldier called Jonathan Clark, and therefore the package in her mom’s space because of the initials J.C. Were his. 5

Clary went to the school that is mundane. Xavier’s, near to their house in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 8 When Clary ended up being six yrs. Old as well as in kindergarten, 8 9 she met Simon Lewis and also the two turned out to be inseparable. Nearly every summer time of her youth, she, Jocelyn, Luke, and Simon decided to go to Luke’s farmhouse upstate. Simon slept over at their property, with Simon also resting from the bed that is same Clary, frequently, 10 and even though things had been solely platonic for Clary, Simon fell so in love with her. Though many people as a best friend around them knew, Clary remained oblivious to his feelings for her and only saw him.

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